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Andrea Fisher

This or That?
1.The Novel or the Movie? the novel.

2.Scenic route or fastest route? Scenic Route - if time allows. Long trips...fastest...enjoy the end stop.

3.Silence or Background Noise? background noise. 4.Modern Cars or Classic Cars? Classic Cars to look at, modern to drive.
5.Ice Cream or Yogurt? tough choice...ICE CREAM.

6.Text or Voice? neither. To slow to text, hate phone calls.

7.Movie Theater or DVD? DVD, with only a few exceptions.

8.Candy or Roses? candy. Roses make me sneeze.
9.Head massage or foot massage? do not touch me! can't stand the pain.

10.Rice or Noodles? Noodles and rice. poor man's diet!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Novel or movie - movie, but wish I had read the novel.
2. Scenic route when possible.
3. Silence or background noise - background noise - it drowns out the ringing in my ears.
4. Classic cars or modern - modern for driving.
5. Ice cream!
6. Text over phone when possible.
7. DVD
8. Candy - especially chocolate.
9. Head/foot massage - neither don't like massages.
10. Rice or noodles - both are loved equally.

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