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1. It was family tradition to attend our small town carnival & watch the fireworks - the best show in the area. Sadly, this carnival is no longer, so neither are the firework displays from our volunteer fire department.

2. I loved going to see them, but usually ended up sitting inside the car with tears running down my face. Later found out, when I was in fourth grade, that I'm extremely sensitive to bright light & that's why I'd "cry" at the fireworks!

3. It was amazing to see some fireworks from an airplane once!

4. Sparklers were always a part of our camping trips as a family. (mini fireworks!)

5. Went to Macy's show in NYC one time, but saw mostly smoke & debris falling on us! I enjoy that show now on TV much better!!!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. The beautiful colors. Seems like each year they come up with new fireworks.
2. The smells - from sparklers to smoke bombs - each has a unique smell.
3. The sounds - usually big booms!
4. The good feeling you get during patriotic music at the fireworks display.
5. Unfortunately, I also think of the lives lost or injured while making fireworks. We have a fireworks plant approx 10 miles from my home. There have been some tragic accidents at this plant.

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