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1. I was an only child.
2. My parents weren't sure what to do with a child so I was raised as a miniature adult
3. I was a military brat and lived most of my childhood in Europe, which made it easier for them to treat me as an little adult
4. I was only child at cocktail parties, dinner at Officer's Club etc.
5. My Mother was not domestic at all :-) we ate out a lot more than ate at home which was really unique in the 50's and early 60's. When we ate at home usually Dad cooked.
6. By the time I got to high school - a private girls one at my request - I was not only an adult but often took care of cooking, house etc. My mothers health started failing when I was in 6th grade.
7. All my child activities came from doing things with my school friends families ...movies, picnics, carnivals, etc.
8. I learned from my parents how I didn't want to raise a child and from my friends parents on how I did
9. My different upbringing has really taught me a lot and made me a better adult than I expected. Emergencies and crisis are much more easily handled by me then most of my friends. My ability to prioritize issues etc was learned at a very young age. I am good.

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