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Andrea Fisher

My crazy week actually began Sunday night....

My Crazy Week List:

l. Isabella (6mo grandaughter) is delivered for an overnight/extended stay while my son is taken to the ER with possible meningitis. It's going to be along week. (lot's of tests...no diagnosis yet, probable viral meningitis)

2. Teen son, Andrew, is in charge of the boss's business while he's on vacation, acting landlord and landscaper...I shuttle him around, and around.

3. Running back and forth to the hospital so the baby can be nursed.

4. It's Convention Week...political junkie heaven.

5. It's Design Team challenge week..getting ready to post for Monday the latest Challenge!

6. Final week to submit Home School Notification info before the deadline.

7. Still working on school plan and purchasing books for new school year.

Anything can go this week...being ready for whatever may come up and getting it done.

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