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Andrea Fisher

Things I "Pollyanna" in my life:

1. The weather. When rain interrupts a day out. "The Farmers always need the rain."
2. Delayed schedules. Avoiding accidents on the road ahead of us."...that could of been us if we'd been on time..."
3. Unavoidable expenses (like car repairs) that make you change vacation plans, cut down on our school books, or fun, frivolous spending. Looking for minute vacation ideas, short, one day "events" to break up the routine, and plan "the next time...".


1. The weather-we lived in the beautiful city of Seattle for 10 years while my husband got his Doctorate, and the rain didn't bother me, since I knew that it mostly came in the Winter. The Springs, Summers and Falls were gorgeous weather!
2. I've learned to accept the old scrapbook pages which I cringe at now when I look at them. I accept them and don't change them, as some of my friends do.
3. Bad-hair day-do what I can, Let what I can't fix go!
4.My garden this summer-so little rain, but I am not letting it bother me. I have mostly perennials, and they will come back (most of them, anyway) next year!
5. Books overdue at the library-I just enjoy the end of the book and pay the fine.

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