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I remember:

I was at work, I'm a nurse in One Day Surgery, many patients had tvs on and we heard the news as soon as it was on tv.
We all continued working but had our eyes on the tv, The whole department became incredibly quiet
I worried about both my kids who were in school at the time.
I remember feeling vulnerable, and very frightened with what was going on in our country.
I remember praying intermittently for all the people and their families.

Last year I did a mosaic 2 page lay out in honor of 9-11, it is one of my favorite projects

Andrea Fisher

I Remember - September 11

1. The kids were finishing morning chores and cleaning up from breakfast. It was a normal morning.

2. The radio was still on, we were getting ready to start morning lessons, when the announcer spoke about a plane hitting one of the twin towers...they described it as possibly as a small plane.

3. I turned the TV on immediately. Photo coverage was almost immediate. From what we could see it didn't seem like a small plane, or an accident. I believed we were under attack.

4. Moments later we watched in stunned horrific silence as another airliner came into the picture frame and hit the second tower.

5. I gathered the kids together to cry out to God. I paced the floor watching TV and listening to the radio.

6. Then the Pentagon was hit.

7. Radio reports were talking about a plane over our area that was being watched and believed to be a fourth plane. We weren't sure if Cleveland was a target, or how many other cities may be targeted. It was all so uncertain. That plane was then reported as downed in Western PA.

8. Planes were rapidly being grounded across the country.

9. We watched people running from the buildings and trying to get away from the clouds of dust. I didn't believe the towers would remain standing for long...and they didn't. I don't know why it was such a surprise to some of those reporting.

10. We kept waiting to see what else was going to happen, glued to the news. I encouraged the kids to write about things as they happened...not so much the facts of the events, but things from their point of view.

11. The President addressed the nation; the attacks had been a declaration of war...life was going to change. I worried about my boys 16, 13, and 6, what would that mean for them?


I remember being at work. One of our scheduling analysts who kept a radio on at his desk told us about the first plane. At that point we were thinking it was some sort of accident. When the second plane hit, we knew it was not an accident, and people started getting worried. We had televisions down in the cafeteria and people started congregating in those areas. When I got home that night I felt like I had to stay glued to the television. It was a strange sensation - not wanting to see what was there but feeling an overwhelming urge to have to watch it. It was emotionally tiring. I worried about what was to come. We have been so fortunate in America to not have had much war on our soil. Was this the beginning of something horrible to come?

Julie Miller-Oconnor

I remember September 11

I was off work at home doing chores. My husband was at work (Boeing - St. Louis) and son was at school. The TV is usally on at our house. I was putting laundry away on the second floor and could see the Today show with an interruption in programming that sounded serious. The clips of the plane flying into the tower was terrifying. Then the news kept getting worse. My first reaction was that it didn't seem real. Then realization set in and the need to pray for people who were hurt or died, the families/friends they left behind and the uncertainty of what the future held.

I could not get through right away to speak to my husband at work - seemed like forever. Was very concerned about where my husband worked being a target for the terrorists.

All planes were being grounded. My brother Bill was stuck in Arizona. He stayed with Neal, one of my other brothers, house in Mesa. Little did we know that one year later, Neal too, would be gone.

I am not sure, but I don't think school officials would let us pick up the children from school. When my family was home that evening, I felt very fortunate for all of us being alive and well. What was going to happen next?

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