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Andrea Fisher

Decisions I've had to make this week (some were easy - some were not):

1. Began the week by taking a new job sewing from home for a furniture company. (not sure if this will work).

2. Picking out fabric for a dress to make for my granddaughter to take pictures for the family at Christmas...this year they will all coordinate! and match the scrapbook paper I have picked for the layout. Kinda worked backwards this year!

3. Where to go out to dinner with my Mum for a celebration..her favorite place gave terrible service last time she was there...so where now?

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Went to Plaza Tire to decide what to do with the tires on my vehicle. Decided to wait a little longer 60,000 miles and still have tread.

2. Called Mideast Area on Aging to get assistance for my handicapped sister who cares for our elderly mom who has alzheimers - so hard to ask for help.

3. Decide how to rearrange scrapbooking supplies for a crop next week Saturday. Trying to take less and make bags lighter.

A Facebook User

1. Trying to decide if I need to do more shopping....lol
2. decide where to eat out or if I should just cook

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