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Andrea Fisher

What are the first things that come to mind when you READ this: Fiddle,

1. My mind goes directly to the instrument I wanted to learn to play when in grade school they handed me a violin instead. (still planning to to learn the "fiddle" necessary for bluegrasss music as well as Scottish folk music)

2. Then there was the Fiddle-r on the Roof...a musical that has acted as a score for so many events in our lives and how we tell the story. We can be a bit over dramatic at times!

3. Then there's the great Fiddle-r Charlie Daniels who brought fiddle music to rockers as well as country fans for many, many years.

4. Then there's Miss Scarlet....and her "fiddle-de-de"
in Gone With the Wind.

5. And then there is fiddlesticks...where that comes from beyond the game, I don't know...but it did come to mind!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. My husband doesn't like me fiddling with stuff - he prefers I leave it alone. I must do a lot of fiddling!

2. I'm always looking for a new way to improve things around the house, work or crafts - again, lots of fiddling.

3. Sometimes I get side tracked and waste time fiddling around :)

A Facebook User

1. The first thing I think of is my brother in law who was a great fiddle player, Now his grandson is a sophomore plays the fiddle on Lindburgh High School Strolling Strings, they are great
2. I fiddle with my hand embroidery work
3. Love to fiddle with pictures on the computer, just made christmas cards inserts, verses in frames
4. Love the fiddle around with scrapbooking techniques

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