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Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Affton Senior High had grades 10-12. Gaunt was a 9th grade center. We were to last class at Gaunt they closed the building in 1976. After that the 9th graders went to the high school. I graduated in January 1979 because I had enough credits and I wanted to go to work...how stupid?

2. Our mascot was the cougar. I wanted to be the mascot with the cheerleaders, but didn't try out. Small regret. Still remember some of the cheers.

3. Our school had a swimming pool and we had a uniform swim suit. It was a one piece, navy blue over sized suit designed to be unattractive. With that we had to wear white rubber swim caps that pulled your hair.

4. Loved home coming. One year we made a float for some class/club I belonged to. It was fun. Football games, bon fires and dances...good times.

5. I was a wrestling statistician.

6. We had a smoking area outside the cafeteria - Wow how times have changed.

7. Our senior took a bus trip to Florida went to Disney World, boarded a Cruise Ship the Bahamas - too fun!

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