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Andrea Fisher

Things I remember about music as a kid:

1. Early years would be listening to what my parents listened to and that would include the Big Bands...they were ballroom dancers long before DWTS.
2. It also included the crooners like Sinatra, Bing and Como.
3. For our family there were lots of Scottish folk music and the White Heather Concerts once a year that would bring entertainers from Scotland to the US on tour.
4. I was about 6-7 when the Beatles landed on the Ed Sullivan Show. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
5. I loved the Beach Boys...Barbara Ann, Help Me Rhonda...it was great!
6. Lot's of great singers in the 60's...Pet Clark, Chad and Jeremy, Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, and all the British pop groups. My first 45rpm record was Herman Hermits singing I'm Henry the VIII/Mrs. Brown you have a lovely daughter. I was nine and recovering from a tonsilectomy, not very well...it was supposed to make me feel better.
7. How could you not love Motown? Tempations, Supremes and Smokey Robinson to name a few.
8. I was a fan of Neil Diamond, beginning with the stuff in the 50's like Hanky Panky, Sweet Caroline to Coming to America. When he was in his second or third comeback tour, my brother worked as a bouncer at his concert at the Colisium.
9. Then came jr. high and high school and my tastes ran into the bluegrass Flatts-n-Scruggs and county-western (yes...the hyphenated days)Statler Brothers, Dolly Parton, Barbara Mandrell, Kenny Rogers..."Ruby...Don't take your love to town", Tanya Tucker; and the southern rock that Charlie Daniels was known for in the 70's as well as the folkier sounds like Linda Ronstadt and America.
10. The Doobie Brothers, Blood Sweat and Tears...Steve Miller Band and Cat Stevens, it was an eclectic time.
11. ShaNaNa the 70's group that brought us all the 50's hits to enjoy all over again...or more likely for the first time.
12. Classical Music is a peaceful memory of my days taking ballet and visits to Severance Hall to hear the Cleveland Orchestra with school that has carried over to our home as the kids were growing up.

Come to think of it...there are far more memories than I can list...so many events are tied to a song...and a memory.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. I was the youngest so I listened to what my siblings listened to. I used to sneak in my sister's room and listen to her 45's.
2. As I got a little older I had my own record player. Whatever was popular in the 60-70's is what I listened to.
3. I remember at age 16 getting my own 8 track player in my car. Bought it second hand at a yard sale. Played Rolling Stones "Tumbling Dice" is only one I can remember.
4. I didn't favor country music until I was older and it got more modern.
5. Who can forget American Band Stand, Soul Train and other musical shows :)

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