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My favorite pictures on Christmas morning is our brunch, lots of food for a big family and friends


My cats trying to climb the Christmas tree!


I like your Friday before Christmas list... I don't know why I wait till the last minute to do cards its not like I don't know it's comming, I think this year I'll make the Christmas cards and address them as I enjoy the 90 degree weather


To me it's capturing all the fun events we do around the holidays, it's a group shot of us dressed up to go to the local holiday theater production or holiday concert, the great shots I get at our town's annual Nutcracker ballet, including capturing the smiling faces of all the dancers we know out in the lobby after the show, the magic of all the decorated Christmas trees & us among the lights & splendor of Winterfest (event where trees are auctioned for charity), the detail of all the manger scenes & the people enjoying them at Crèche Festival, festive shots from Christmas luncheons & parties from groups we're involved with....oh, and when our son was growing up it was the sweet, funny shots of him goofing around with ornaments & garlands decorating the tree. I treasure the ones from the year he first asked if he & his girlfriend could decorate our tree...she loved a "real" tree but couldn't have one due to family allergies & I got such sweet pictures of the two of them now married with a home of their own! So now it's the messy fun of making our evergreen wreath for the front door or our puppy dog getting her first sniff of the big intruder as my husband brings in the tree. Last year I saw some chestnuts in our local produce market & bought a few...had to get pics of them roasting on the open fire of our bbq! Seems that's going to be an annual tradition...they were really good & lots of family wanted to try it, but unfortunately the store was out by the time I went back to get more. Buying a lot, it's the my calendar for this December!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

We would sprinkle reindeer food (small amount dry oats mixed w/glitter)on the front lawn Christmas Eve night before bed.

Chris Kilburn

Some fun Christmas time moments are pictures as the kids come down into the living room on Christmas morning - also getting the "obligatory" picture of the clock (and what time it is. Last year it was 3:30 AM ! Also, Bob (my husband) cooking the turkey on the grill.

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